Welcome to a New Curriculum for Living. The vision here is to share with you the answers I found to my childhood quest. I wanted to see God’s design studio, because I was curious as to how all the variety of life was created. I though I would have to die and go to heaven to see it. I know now that heaven is here and you can explore it with me from the InsideOUT! The journey began when I was inspired to start and run a school for Gifted and Creative Leaners, most who didn’t fit inside the box. Spirit guided me next, with a late night wake-up call, you know that “little voice” get out of bed I have an outline of a book for you and is to be called “InsideOUT” I added , “the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe”. Well that “little voice” only given the outline! So the search was on to fill in the blanks. What I share with you here is my journey and its still not over. So through the book “InsideOUT” and my Science to Sage E-Zines, I weave leading edge scientist, innovative thinkers, sages and artist — ancient and modern. The New Curriculum for Living is for those who daring to step out of convention. I share with you every detail of my investigation and I can tell you it fits like a glove! The book laces all the disciplines like a fine tapestry so you can see there interconnectedness. It is EXTREME on visuals making the complex simple. You meet innovative thinkers, leading edge science, world philosophies, amazing artist and photographers. The book touches key points, while the e-magazine invites these brilliant minds to expand on their concepts…there is not a month that goes by that I don’t get an ah h!