Explore with me on my journey which includes over 60 innovative thinkers, scientists, artists and my own inquiry. I have woven, what I consider, a compelling tapestry that threads leading edge science with ancient wisdom. Within this weave you will see all branches of science and the arts, which is where complex ideas are made simple and visual.

This is not a story but a visual synthesis of elemental and fundamental principles and the building blocks of life. Through this visual lens, revealed is the Weaver’s golden thread and its formula that Flowers Life from atoms to galaxies. This book also addresses the basic yin and yang, male and female principles of polarity and spin as well as how it generates, literally, our current life.

Taking art as fact, and seeing what is in plain view via the telescope, microscope and Cymascope, we can see the amazing kaleidoscope of life revealed.

Humanity is at a crossroads ~ we can birth a new renaissance, which fuses science to sage, east to west, and heart to mind, or cause our own demise. Our arrogance is compounded by our ignorance and our willingness to ignore the obvious. There is but One Weaver of this cosmic web and when we look across lost civilizations we can see our common roots. Even the late Joseph Campbell marveled at the 100 common story lines from around the world.

The root word for religion comes from the Latin verb ligo, which means to tie or bind. By unraveling these mysteries, my hope is that we can appreciate that we have all come from the same Weave. We have a common bond that ties us all together. It is time to appreciate the endless diversity and creativity of the Creator’s Web.


Many religions speak of an apocalypse. Stanislav Grof put it nicely when he said, “The original and literal meaning of the term ‘apocalypse’, however, is not ‘destruction’ but ‘lifting of the veil’ or ‘revelation.’ It referred to the disclosure of secrets, hidden from the majority of humanity, to certain privileged persons.”