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Common threads across cultures, civilizations and continents.



  • There Were Giants Upon the Earth and the Lost Book of Enki– Zeharia Sitchin
  • The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell
  • Forbidden Archeology, Michael Cremo
  • Chariots of the Gods & History is Wrong, Erich Von Daniken
  • The Book of Enoch,  translator R.H. Charles
  • Finger Prints of the Gods– Graham Hancock
  • Technology of the Gods, Incredible Sciences and the Ancients – David Hatcher Childress
  • Ancient Inventions – Peter James and Nick Thorpe


  • Ancient Aliens, History Channel
  • Ancient Aliens the Season, History Channel

YOU-Tube and Links from which to start…

Creation Stories

  1. Creation Stories From Around the World
  2. Creation Myths Wikipedia
  3. History World

Space Ships – See Chapter 15

  1. Ancient Flying Machines
  2. Ancient Airplanes

Sun Gods

  1. Solar DeitiesWikipedia
  2. Sun Gods
  3. Pyramids and Sun-Gods by Nassim Haramein
  4. Sun Gods, Pyramids and Giants
  5. Messiahs and God  Sun

Gods mating with the daughters of men

  1. Watchers (Angels) -Wikeipdia
  2. Exploring this topic is quit fascinating….continue looking on your own.

Dragon Myths


  1. Pyramids of the World – U-Tube
  2. Pyramids and Wikipedia
  3. New Discovery– Largest by Volume Guatemala
  4. Pyramids and Sun-Gods by Nassim Haramein

Ancient Observatories


Giants – Nephilim, Gog and Magog


  • StarWars
  • Lord of the Rings


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